How do the cards look?

We've thought a lot about keeping our company as Kiwi as possible and a big part of that is being as environmentally friendly as we can. As we are a greeting card company we use a lot of paper products (card stocks, envelopes, stamps, business cards, invoices etc) so we've sourced our paper products from the most environmentally friendly paper merchants available in New Zealand. Our suppliers are ISO 14001 recognized for their international level of sustainability and are the first and only printing company in NZ to receive the internationally recognised carbonzero certification.

Our cards are 18.8 cm (h) by 12.3 cm (w) compared to the industry standard 16.0 cm (h) by 11.0 (w). This is a significant increase in size:

As you can see below our cards are over 30% bigger!

Here are some examples of how the cards look: